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Gloomy Analysis for Two-State Solution

December 10, 2010

A recent analysis by Benny Morris on Tablet Magazine, titled Bleak House, is worth reading.  In the piece, Morris says that prospects for a Palestinian state have “rarely been more grim.”

First, is a fact that he says American and EU politicos won’t admit: that there’s no will for peace on the Palestinian side, even from the “moderates.”  He says this rejectionism is ignored by most Western observers.

… Palestinian political elites, of both the so-called “secular” and Islamist varieties, are dead set against partitioning the Land of Israel/Palestine with the Jews. They regard all of Palestine as their patrimony and believe that it will eventually be theirs.

In addition, there’s no room for dealing on the issue of Palestinian return. He offers a long analysis of the history in the PLO and in Hamas.

The key to understanding Fatah objectives today lies in its leaders’ stance on resolving the refugee problem. Contrary to what many Western commentators and analysts have chosen to believe, the Palestinian stress on the importance of the refugees is not a tactical matter—a way to gain further leverage in negotiations. The Palestinian leadership is unanimous and resolute in insisting that the problem’s solution lies in the “Right of Return”: Israel, and the world, must accept the principle of repatriation and eventually facilitate repatriation.

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